Introducing Red Fife Hard Wheat
Red Fife Wheat is a heritage wheat that is reported to have originated in Russia. It came to Canada from Scotland in the early 1800’s and was North America’s preferred wheat in the 19th century fathering many of our modern hard red wheat varieties.

During the Great Depression, Red Fife largely disappeared. About a decade ago, however, it was reintroduced in Canada and has been experiencing renewed interest mostly in the organic producer community. Red Fife Wheat is a modern wheat in terms of plant characteristics, being developed from conventional plant breeding techniques.

Since natural crossing of wheat is very rare, the Red Fife of today remains very much as it was well over a hundred years ago. This wheat is still considered by many plant breeders today to be the best bread flour in the world.

Click here to read our disclaimer concerning the consumption of Red Fife wheat by Celiac and gluten intolerant consumers.

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